‘Minecraft’ could see height limit increase in future “Caves and Cliffs” update

Minecraft developers during a Q&A session

Minecraft is full of talks about its upcoming version 1.17 update lately, which is yet to make some massive changes to the more than a decade old game. While additional contents such as an introduction of certain mobs are nothing but confirmed, others remain obscure and speculative at best.

One of the latest rumors to revolve around the “Caves and Cliffs” update is the potential for seeing the game with taller cliffs. Mojang has yet to discuss a topic following the revelations with the “caves” aspect of it.

Tall enough, but could be taller

As of writing, the game offers a height limit of 256 blocks. Put in the actual game, these many blocks are tall enough to generate towering peaks that induce acrophobia in anybody. However, with a promise that the game’s mountains will see dramatic changes, the suspicion that the game will impose height limit increment is not off-base.

Minecraft developer, Henrik Kniberg, posted a video of what appears to be a showcase of what the community could expect with the upcoming major update. But the demo, which highlights cliffs in their new light, turns out to be nothing but a placeholder.

Speaking with the Dev

The topic is such an interest to the Minecraft community that it was opened as part of the discussion in a recently-held Q&A.

Responding to the query is Minecraft’s lead gameplay designer, Agnes Larsson, who gave off a vague response, suggesting that they’re “looking into it.” But further adding that she and her team “cannot promise anything at this point.”

The reason appears to boil down to the technical issues that come with the territory of such an undertaking. Which, aside from being difficult to implement, could be a source of performance issues with the game. Not to insinuate the statement as a rejection of the prospect, Larsson assures of the developers’ keenness over the idea.

“Early Next Year at the Latest”

Further, into the Q&A, another question was raised, asking whether when can the community hear about the height limit extension. That is, coming in the context of the up and coming version 1.17, “Caves and Cliffs,” update.

Larsson’s response to the query is uncertain too. Stating that the community could hear about it “early next year at the latest.”

It is worth noting, however, that the Caves and Cliffs update is not ready for release until Summer next year. Which, by looking at the calendar, is still some months away off. Many things could still happen with the update, which could include the height limit augment, until then.

Image used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube Screenshot

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