‘Minecraft Dungeons’ dethrones ‘Animal Crossing’ as Switch’s bestseller

Minecraft Dungeons is now the best selling game on the Nintendo shop both in the UK and US. It has dethroned Animal Crossing.

Minecraft Dungeons, the Minecraft-inspired dungeon crawler, has ultimately beaten Animal Crossing as the best-selling game in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Animal Crossing dethroned

This marks the end of Animal Crossing’s 3-month supremacy after it held the top spot since its release in March. The game is also selling well on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

This means two games developed by Morgan, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, are in the best selling list for three major gaming consoles. The game was expected to perform well, but no one predicted that it would skyrocket its way in the charts.

Reviews are praising Minecraft Dungeons for its relaxing atmosphere while providing a calming spin to the Diablo-like dungeon experience. Despite providing a simple storyline, the developers made sure that its presentation is close to perfect.

The game is best played with friends because its couch coop gameplay is fun and pleasing. However, the game does not currently have cross-platform support.

Two new DLCs

Minecraft Dungeons also has a Hero Edition bundle now available on the eSHop. The DLC improves the game’s main version by adding unique items and access to two future DLCs.

The Hero Edition costs an additional $10 (14 AUD), which will make a total of $30 (43 AUD) for the whole Minecraft Dungeon game.

Jungle Awakens is the first upcoming DLC for Minecraft Dungeons and is expected to be released this June 2020.  The second DLC, Creeping Winter, has no official release date.

The developers also promised that they would provide DLC support in the coming months.

Jungle Awakens details

The first DLC will provide three additional missions that will be set in a lush environment, which will most likely be inspired by Minecraft’s jungle biome. The DLC will also introduce new gears and items as players progress through the game.

Although there is no assurance that these DLCs will be worthy of its price, it shows that the developers are dedicated to supporting Minecraft Dungeons for a long period.

Similar to Minecraft, players can expect to get regular updates for additional content and gameplay improvements.

In general, Minecraft Dungeons deserves its bestselling spot in the Switch e-shop and place in the Xbox top charts as well. Minecraft Dungeons is an easy, exciting, and satisfying game.

Featured image courtesy of Wiz Magnoth/Youtube Screenshot


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