‘Minecraft Dungeons:’ essential tips and tricks every newbie should follow

Fans of Minecraft are probably busy now but not with playing the timeless classic. Instead, they probably have their handful with a new and unique spin-off with Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is a top-down hack and slash adventure game that’s based on the popular crafting title. It’s a fun adventure waiting to be experienced by players worldwide. Even those who have experience in Minecraft still have a lot to learn when it comes to this new game, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to help players pass through those pesky skeletons and endermen.

Use enchantment points immediately

Enchantment points are gained with each level. These are used to add an array of buffs to pieces of equipment, so they are very crucial to the game. Players don’t need to worry about spending enchantment points on the wrong equipment, though, as these can be reacquired once the item is salvaged.

Farm arrows

The bow and arrow is the most useful tool in the game as it can take out enemies from afar. However, arrows are limited. To farm arrows, players can revisit previous levels once they are powered up. Skeletons are a great source of arrows, and they can be killed with one hit once players are at a high enough level.

Fight Mobs head on

Mobs are huge groups of enemies that try to overwhelm a player. A lot of Minecraft Dungeons players get intimidated at the sign of these mobs, but running away is the poorest strategy. Instead, players should charge forward and face these mobs head-on.

The key is to avoid getting pushed into a wall as by then, getting out will be harder. Mobs have small health, so they’re easy to beat.

Rollover small gaps

Players can’t jump in the game, but there is a roll button. Some gaps can’t be crossed and could be accessible through some other path in the dungeon. However, if the gap is small, players can simply roll to get to the other side.

Power rating over levels

The two progression measures in the game are power rating and levels. Levels are the standard levels that RPGs have, whereas power ratings are based on the player’s equipment. Dungeons have level requirements, but players shouldn’t be too intimidated by this. If their power rating is high enough, they can beat dungeons, which are two or three levels ahead of them.

Reception is good so far in Minecraft DungeonsThere will be countless players needing these tips above, so it’s best to get ahead of the competition as early as now.

Image used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube

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