‘Minecraft Dungeons’: How to farm Unique weapons

Minecraft Dungeons’ loot system is unforgiving, and players can end up with dozens of common weapons and armor after a few hours of grinding. However, they can get significantly better over time if players know how to farm right.

If players are looking for the best weapons in the game, then they should definitely be on the lookout for Unique Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. This will help players on their epic face-off against the Arch-Illager. Here’s what Unique weapons are and how they can be farmed.

What are Unique weapons?

Unique rarity weapons are categorized by their name. Their special versions of regular weapons in terms of appearance and name. Moreover, these weapons come with an enchantment attached to them so players can stack up amazing bonuses should they pick one up.

True to its name, Unique weapons are hard to come by. In fact, players can reach high levels without finding out.

Farming for Unique weapons

There are many ways to collect Unique weapons, but that doesn’t mean that the drop rates are significant in any way.

First, players can get a Unique weapon as a regular drop from mobs. However, this has a low chance of happening. In fact, it can even happen once or none at all during an entire playthrough. The good thing is that by farming mobs, players can level up easily so they can get stronger at least even if they don’t get a Unique weapon.

For a slightly better chance, players can try to farm golden chests scattered throughout Minecraft Dungeons. These are found in the various levels of the game. What’s great is that players can go through these levels as many times as they want. Since retries are unlimited, players can have a better chance at opening a chest with a Unique weapon in it.

Perhaps the best way to earn Unique weapons is by farming the bosses in the game. While we’ve yet to uncover which of the bosses have better drop rates, some suggest that players should try beating the Nameless Horror again and again. The boss is located in Desert Temple and Heart of the Ender.

Minecraft Dungeons is a great game so far and players are having fun going through the game’s many levels. If players want to go through these areas in a breeze, then it’s a must to come equipped with the best weapons possible.

Image used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube

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