‘Minecraft Dungeons’ Souls: How to use and farm then

Like its predecessor, there are a lot of hidden mechanics and features in Minecraft Dungeons. One of the things that might confuse players at first is the Minecraft Dungeons Souls which are an integral factor in becoming stronger in the game.

Going through the toughest bosses and levels in the game requires a lot of grinding. If players want to get significantly stronger, then they should consider grinding for Minecraft Dungeons Souls. Here’s what they are for and how to farm them effectively.

What are Souls, and how to get them?

Souls have the valuable use of being able to empower some of the game’s best items. In the beginning, Souls may feel like a trivial resource in the game, but once players get to the endgame or if they choose to play in the Apocalypse difficulty, the resource becomes more important.

Not every piece of equipment makes use of Souls. Players will simply have to check if there’s a “Souls Required” text on the equipment’s description to see if it is applicable. Weapons and Artifacts can have this trait, and generally, the skills that are used with Souls have a shorter cooldown at the expense of the resource.

The catch is that players can only start to gather souls once they are equipped with a weapon or Artifact that comes with the Soul Gathering effect.

Gathering Minecraft Dungeons Souls is relatively easy, and all players need to do is kill enemies once they have a Soul Gathering weapon.

How to farm Souls effectively

As we’ve said, every enemy drops a Soul when defeated by the player, and these include those pesky Slimes. Slimes are capable of duplicating themselves, meaning players can farm Souls from these enemy types again and again. Since Slimes are relatively easy to beat, it will be easier to farm Souls from them.

Souls Gathering can also be stacked. This means if players equip multiple weapons or Artifacts with the same trait, their Souls Gathering ability will be increased.

It’s worth noting that Souls will only drop if the player kills the enemy directly. If it dies by other means such as through the explosion of Creepers, then no Soul will drop.

Minecraft Dungeons Souls further expands the strength of the player. If players take their time in gathering Souls, they’ll be able to breeze through the game’s toughest challenges easily.


Image courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube

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