‘Minecraft Dungeons:’ The strongest mobs and how to beat them

The epic adventures in Minecraft Dungeons culminate in intense boss fights with some memorable bosses, but before getting to these intense confrontations, players have to go through countless mobs first.

Mobs are essentially the basic enemies in Minecraft Dungeons, and if players want to get stronger, they’ll have to farm them for loot and XP. Players shouldn’t be too confident when fighting mobs though, as they can be dangerous as well. Here are some of the mobs to watch out for in the game.


Illagers are the most common mob in the game, and they appear in almost every level. While they don’t have outstanding stats, what makes Illagers dangerous is that they can come with an assortment of magical abilities.

Players can see Illagers powering up others, and they can also see them, casting other magical spells. It’s important to sit back a bit and see what an Illager can do before players charge into them.


In the latter parts of the game, Pillagers become more common, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a swarm of them. They have a slow rate of fire with their bows, but this is a drawback to their high damage. Before players face villagers, they should look to see if there are any areas that they can be stuck. It’s not wise to get flocked by Pillagers.

Pillagers come with diamond and gold armor at later levels. These forms of Pillagers in Minecraft Dungeons can take and deal more damage.


Enchanters aren’t particularly impressive, but it’s what they do that makes them a threat. They can buff any mobs they are with, so taking them out should be a priority for players. Enchanters can significantly power up a mob, and they aren’t pushovers.


True to their name, Geomancers make use of the terrain around them. When it comes to dealing damage, Geomancers summon stone pillars that explode. However, what makes them most dangerous is their ability to alter the layout of the land to trap players. A sneaky Geomancer can cause a player to get cornered by other mobs, so when fighting these enemies, it’s important to move at all times.

Royal Guards

In terms of damage and defense, Royal Guards have the highest stats to offer. Luckily, they can only be found at the last two levels of the game, but still, they can be a nuisance. Due to the amount of damage they can deal with and their solid defenses, fighting them upfront isn’t recommended. Instead, players should focus on killing them from afar.

These mobs in Minecraft Dungeons are the biggest threats to the players. Mastering the techniques to beat these guys can mean beating a dungeon with ease.


Image used courtesy of Microsoft/YouTube

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