‘Minecraft Dungeons’ will receive 2 DLCs, epic success still uncertain

Minecraft Dungeons players find that the campaign is a little bit short. However, the good news is the game will receive two DLCs in the future.

Minecraft Dungeons hit stores all over the world last week and has received a fair amount of positive reviews. However, it can never outmatch the original Minecraft’s success.

Two Additional DLCs

While there is a lot of work for players to do, the main campaign only has nine levels. Luckily, Mojang has already confirmed that two DLCs are coming to Minecraft Dungeons.

The first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is called Jungle Awakens. The DLC will take players to a jungle biome that is filled with powerful enemies and unique weapons.

After this, players will also have the chance to play Creeping Winter in another DLC expansion. The two DLCs will be included in the game’s Hero Edition.

The two DLCs can also be bought separately upon their release for anyone who has the base game. Mojang revealed the two DLCs in a post on the official website of Minecraft.

The Hero Edition costs $10 and comes with the two upcoming DLCs. It means players would be paying $5 for each DLC in order to get extra equipment, missions, enemies, and biomes.

Jungle Awakens coming this July

Minecraft Dungeons developers have confirmed that Jungle Awakens will be released to the public sometime in July.

In Jungle Awakens, players will have another adventure inside a distant and dangerous jungle where they will find mysterious powers across three new missions.

Along the way, players will have to fight against Poison Quill Vine, Jungle Zombie, and Leapleaf and a lot more in order to obtain new armor, weapons, and artifacts.

Mojang also announced that they are working on a cross-platform functionality and new free content that will be released as a free update to the main game.

Second DLC details

Minecraft Dungeons’ base game doesn’t have a long playthrough. The game depends much on varying difficulties and the chance of obtaining new items through successive runs.

By the time players have finished playing the main campaign, the first DLC Jungle Awakens should be perfectly timed to release by summer.

If the release date listed in the Nintendo Switch eShop is true, the second DLC for Minecraft Dungeons will be arriving this September.

However, no details have been officially announced yet about Minecraft Dungeon’s second DLC.

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