Minecraft’s latest major update will reignite players’ fear with a new mob

Concept art for The Warden for the up and coming update for Minecraft

Minecraft had just recently launched a stream (Minecraft Live) which broadcasted a discussion over a number of exciting things to come with the game. One of the most interesting parts of the conversation was the introduction of a new mob called The Warden.

Essentially a campaign that seeks to engage the player base with the franchise, the Livestream covers the full extent of update 1.17. An update that is Mojang’s biggest yet to date and will be several months in the making.

With fans clamoring for an update to the game’s caves and cliffs, the latest patch is named in honor of the demanded feature. Thus, calling it the Caves and Cliffs update.

It has been literally several years since Mojang held off from updating the game’s caves. With that space of time, it’s only critical that the company grant the player base’s demand.

Hidden underneath the cavern

Although the caves and cliffs may be a major highlight to the update, there’s more to the upcoming patch than just expanding caverns. More importantly, it will play a critical role in housing the game’s newest fierce and scary mob, The Warden.

Whereas the cave’s upper layers may seem attractive to explore, the deeper layers are a different topic altogether. Deep within the recess of the undermine is a creature so alien to light, it thrives in the complete abyss: the new mob himself.

But without a vision to call as its means to perceive the world around, this monster has a very strong sense of hearing. Which, if anything, bears similarity to the ever-sensitive sculk sensor blocks.

The Warden is not just blind to light (technically, without eyes), however. It also feasts on it, causing total blackness to those that surround it. For the player, this would mean accruing temporary blindness and cause a bit of panic.

Tough and potent

Generating noise close to The Warden is a bad idea. It’s not only a tough cookie to crack, but it’s also powerful. With it able to kill even the most equipped of players with just two hits.

If the Minecraft Live 2020 stream is to go by, hitting this monster with five strikes from a Netherite Sword and seven arrows will not suffice to take it down. With this level of staying power, it is safe to assume that The Warden is in league with some of the game’s toughest bosses. Say, The Wither and the Ender Dragon.

If Mojang’s purpose for delivering this update is to strike fear to Minecraft players similar to their initial experience, then the company must be doing it right by the looks of it.

Image used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube Screenshot

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