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Miranda Lambert opens a bar in Nashville to compete with Blake Shelton: Rumor


Blake Shelton is, allegedly, furious with his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert for opening a bar and grill in Nashville.

According to In Touch Weekly, Lambert’s bar and grill is located on the same block as the Ole Red tavern owned by Blake Shelton.

“He’s had that place in the downtown district for a year. He put his heart and soul into it. And now she’s opening a Tex-Mex joint this summer,” the source said.

Miranda Lambert insulting Blake Shelton’s restaurant food

To make things worse, Lambert has, allegedly, been telling everyone that her food and drinks will taste better than that range being served at Shelton’s restaurant.

“She’s telling everyone that her food will be way better than the slop he’s serving. It’s amazing that after all these years these two, who have both moved on and are in love with other people, are still fighting,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There is no indication that Shelton and Lambert are feuding over the latter opening a bar and grill in Nashville.

Miranda Lambert writing tell-all about Blake Shelton

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first that the exes are rumored to be fighting with each other.

Last September, OK! magazine claimed that Lambert is ready to expose all the details from her marriage to Blake Shelton.

“The word is, Miranda’s penning a tell-all that’ll reveal lots of bombshells about her time with Blake, as well as their breakup. This book will be her big purge. A lot of people think that Miranda stepped out on Blake during their marriage, but she’s hinting that he did. She long suspected him of carousing and when she watched him on The Voice with Gwen Stefani for the first time, her blood ran cold. There was obvious chemistry between them,” the source said.

However, several months have passed and there’s still no tell-all from Lambert. And by the looks of it, she won’t be releasing one that’s solely focused on her failed marriage to Blake Shelton.

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