Miranda Lambert releasing tell-all about Blake Shelton’s cheating, temper, jealousy: Rumor

Miranda Lambert releasing tell-all about Blake Shelton's cheating, temper, jealousy: Rumor

Miranda Lambert is, allegedly, gearing up to expose the dirt on her ex-husband, Blake Shelton.

Five years after Miranda Lambert and Shelton split, there are claims that the former will be releasing a tell-all on their marriage.

According to OK! magazine, Lambert is ready to set the record straight. After all, a lot of people thought that she’s the one that cheated on Shelton when it’s, allegedly, the other way around.

“The word is, Miranda’s penning a tell-all that’ll reveal lots of bombshells about her time with Blake, as well as their breakup. This book will be her big purge,” a source said.

Miranda Lambert wants everyone to know the truth about Blake Shelton

Other than Shelton’s alleged cheating, Lambert will also talk about The Voice coach’s temper and jealous rages.

“A lot of people think that Miranda stepped out on Blake during their marriage, but she’s hinting that he did. She long suspected him of carousing and when she watched him on The Voice with Gwen Stefani for the first time, her blood ran cold. There was obvious chemistry between them,” the source said.

Blake Shelton cheated on Miranda Lambert with Gwen Stefani 

Blake Shelton cheated on Miranda Lambert with Gwen Stefani

The insider said that after Shelton and Stefani confirmed their relationship months later, Lambert couldn’t help but feel that her suspicions were correct.

“She wants fans to know that she tried to save her marriage, but it seemed like Blake didn’t want her anymore,” the source said.

Miranda Lambert also, allegedly, wants everyone to know that Shelton is not as friendly as he seems.

“Miranda’s telling friends that Blake’s not the aw-shucks guy he makes himself out to be. He’d get in a foul mood when she had to work late in the studio and gave her musicians the evil eye. Miranda’s said to have told pals, ‘Blake’s put me through hell!’ She’s glad to have him out of her life,” the source said.

Blake Shelton is not as nice as he seems

The insider also claimed that Shelton had a temper during his marriage to Lambert. And the country musician was also quite jealous. To make things worse, Shelton wasn’t also romantic towards Lambert.

“Oftentimes, Miranda felt like she was doing all the work. Miranda wants to let everyone know that she and Brendan are smitten over each other. She’s found true happiness,” the source said.

But if Miranda Lambert has found happiness, it is unlikely for her to want to revisit her marriage to Shelton. As such, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Lambert isn’t releasing a tell-all on her ex-husband.

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