Miranda Lambert urges A-list pals to ditch Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani’s wedding: Rumor

Miranda Lambert urges A-list pals to ditch Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani's wedding: Rumor

Miranda Lambert is, allegedly, urging her celebrity friends to skip Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s upcoming wedding.

According to National Enquirer, Miranda Lambert has been giving her pals an ultimatum about attending the massive celebration.

Miranda Lambert making friends choose between her, Blake Shelton

The country artist is, allegedly, asking everyone to choose between her and her ex-husband. And if they decided to attend Shelton and Stefani’s wedding, they could no longer be friends with Lambert.

“Either you’re team Miranda or Team Blake. And if you’re with him you can forget about being friends with her. She’s forcing people to choose sides and she’ll have no qualms cutting off anyone who attends Blake’s wedding,” the source said.

Miranda Lambert makes fun of Gwen Stefani’s appearance

The insider also said that Lambert has been secretly attacking Stefani even though she claimed to have already moved on from Shelton.

At one point, the country singer accused Stefani of spending thousands of dollars to improve her appearance.

“She’s shamed Gwen for being built on a foundation of Botox and fillers,” the source said.

The singer makes fun of Blake Shelton's wedding 

The singer makes fun of Blake Shelton’s wedding

According to the source, it’s obvious that Lambert and Shelton can’t also stand each other. And it seems the exes will never become friends.

“Even after all these years, there’s no love lost between them. Miranda’s still slinging arrows at Blake whenever she can. She’s basically saying how pathetic it is he’s gone all Hollywood and why would anyone want to fly to L.A. to see him show off at a wedding that’s going to be ridiculously over-the-top,” the source said.

Miranda Lambert isn’t also thrilled to know that Shelton plans to go all-out with his upcoming wedding.

“The latest she heard is it will have fountains and swans and Miranda just thinks Blake’s lost his roots,” the source said.

More feud rumors

This isn’t the first time that Lambert and Shelton are rumored to be feuding. Last week, In Touch Weekly claimed that the former decided to open a restaurant in Nashville to spite her ex-husband.

“She’s telling everyone that her food will be way better than the slop he’s serving. It’s amazing that after all these years these two, who have both moved on and are in love with other people, are still fighting,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims about Miranda Lambert, Shelton, and Stefani with a grain of salt.

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