Miss talking to friends and loved ones during the lockdown? Use WhatsApp!

With the lockdown situation in full force right now, social distancing is a must. How would one communicate to the outside world in this scenario? Time to use video chat apps like WhatsApp.

Video chat apps like WhatsApp provide solace to people who want to see the people they talk to. Chatting or talking to people is one thing while talking while looking at them is another thing. It connects people to another level. But, some apps have limits. Some can only accommodate two to three people at a conference at once.

That said, WhatsApp’s developers came up with an idea. What if they increased the number of people who join a video conference? The result of their idea, research, and hard work is an upgrade that everyone would appreciate. Now, WhatsApp can accommodate up to eight people in a single conference. Such a big help for people who want to meet a bunch of people at the same time.

WhatsApp’s upgrade

For sure, these developers have an ulterior motive. Of course, most, if not all, use the app for their video chat needs. With this upgrade, they can now talk to a higher number of people than before. It means more people can now join their office meetings.

The same scenario would help work-at-home people. Training seven people all at once are possible now. During board meetings, no one will feel left out since more slots are available. Finally, big families can talk to each other without waiting for someone to vacate a slot.

As of the moment, the Android version of the app is not updated on Google Play yet. No worries since people can download the updated version on WhatsApp’s website. Give it some time for this version to appear on Google Play. Any delays are understandable in this situation anyway.

This update to the app rolled out on April 28, and people love it. They are thankful because WhatsApp can now deliver their needs. They owe it to the developers who understood the present situation. After all, they are experiencing the same dilemma as well.

Other WhatsApp details

The security WhatsApp provides intact with this upgrade. No one can hear or watch conversations between people and not even WhatsApp itself. Sources state that the upgraded app will roll out on Google Play this week. The upgrade will only work if the joiners all use the app’s improved version.

It is such great news for people stuck at home longing to talk to somebody. Now, they can mingle with a lot more people than before.


Images courtesy of Anton/Pexel, Tracy Le Blanc/Pexel


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