‘Miss Trot 2’ premiere achieved jaw-dropping ratings amid controversies

TV Chosun has achieved staggering digits with its premiere episode of Miss Trot 2.

Miss Trot 2, which aims to discover the new Trot Empress,” gained 30% viewers ratings. However, despite the eye-popping ratings, controversies surfaces regarding the selection of cast.

On December 17, Miss Trot 2, the program which brought trot singer Song Ga In into prominence as a young diva last year during its first season, has finally begun.

Per Zapzee, Korea’s trot genre, which is nearly a century-old, has long been considered music for the old.

The genre is a simple two-beat rhythm and no-nonsense lyrics. But notedly, the long dismissed trot music has been enjoying a renaissance across generations as seen today.

The mesmerizing ratings of the premiere of “Miss Trot 2”

As recorded by Nielsen Korea, Miss Trot 2‘s first episode garnered a score of 25.497% for part 1 and 28.649% for part 2.

The program on Thursday soared up to 30.2% viewership nationwide. The rating is the best for the program yet.

Aside from that, it is also recorded as the highest among all the programs aired on the same day.

It can be recalled that the first episode of Miss Trot only recorded 5.9%, and Mr. Trot showed a steep rise to 12.5%.

Based on the numbers released, it can be easily said that the show started with ratings that are twice the previous record.

However, a controversial post was scattered after the broadcast, which drew keen attention to online communities.

The said post was titled “Miss Trot 2 picked 100 applicants in advance and didn’t even read some of the applications.”

The growing online controversy

The post shared that the show finished shooting the teasers of the 100 applicants on October 23. Notedly, the deadline for the applications was on October 30.

Moreover, the first filming of the show was for the November 9 schedule. This means that the production team only had nine days to go through all applications and select the winners.”

In a nutshell, to increase the competition ratings, some applicants were only exploited to highlight other contestant’s success stories.”

Some netizens shared their thoughts, saying, “So I’m guessing this is the trot version of Produce case?” and “Can’t believe they are doing this even after the Produce incident.”


Image courtesy of TVCHOSUN/YouTube Screenshot

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