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MIUI 13 shows “world-class animations” in leaked video


After officially confirming the MIUI 13 in April 2020, a recently leaked video shows the first look of the MIUI 13.

Even though not all Redmi and Xiaomi phones have received the MIUI 12 update yet, MIUI has been working on the next generation of their popular Android skin named MIUI 13. Moreover, users got a brief peek at the update via a leaked YouTube video.

According to a report by Giz China, the MIUI 13 will officially start its roll out on Xiaomi devices in mid-2021.

Watch the full video clip below:

MIUI 13: The changes

The insignificant leak points towards the brand, releasing more animations for MIUI 13.

The leaked video clip only hinted at an animation revamp in the Power Screen Menu, which has been the same feature since the first launching of the device, leading for existing users to see it as a mere update.

Pretty much like all other brands adding more Utility features in the Power Screen Menu, where users can access by long-pressing the power button, the brand is also working towards the same.

However, adding more features to the Power Screen Menu could be a debatable topic because some users might like it while some may not. But for the time being, various android skins have already started adding the said feature.

Furthermore, suppose Xiaomi were to follow the developments made in Android 11. In that case, users are expecting that MIUI 13 comes with the new features like Chat Bubbles, Notifications Cleaner, better Navigation Gestures, and enhanced Screenshot features.

Xiaomi has been working hard to improve the quality of animations for a long time now, resulting in the creation of MIUI 12. The UI minimalistic feature of the Android skin will still be prominent.

Eligible devices and roll-out dates

An unofficial list of the devices that will possibly get the MIUI 13 update was released. However, the list is confusing as it includes older models such as the Redmi Note 4, but does not have the new Redmi 9 series.

Since even the MIUI 12 has not rolled out to some Android devices, it would be difficult to say when devices like the Redmi Note 4 would get the said update.

As per Insider Paper, one can say with complete assurance that the brand’s flagship store and newly launched Xiaomi devices would start receiving the MIUI 13 update by mid-2021. Additionally, users can rely on the fact that since the new Android skin is based on Android 11, the needed features come with the update.

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