Mixed reality game ‘Mario Kart Live’ launches soon for the Switch

Nintendo is testing new waters with Mario Kart Live for the Nintendo Switch. The game is due out a few days from now, and players are excited to get their hands on the creative new game.

Mario Kart Live was revealed during the Super Mario Anniversary Direct last month. Since being revealed, fans have been rather confused about this game, and it’s now out. How does this new game that Nintendo dubs as ‘mixed reality‘ works?

What is it?

Unlike previous Mario Kart titles, races on this new entry will be based on how the player lays out the map in their living room or any other real-life area. Players will be using a toy car of Mario, which is equipped with a camera. Players will see the game through the camera, allowing them to experience the race firsthand.

The game is a free digital download, but players can only use if they have the Mario or Luigi kart set, which sells for $100 each. The package will come with the toy karts and four checkpoint gates. The gates will be the ones to determine the direction of the race, so players will need to place them carefully around the play area.

Fans are expecting to release karts for other popular characters from the franchise. For now, choices are limited to Luigi and Mario.

The karts can be charged by connecting it to the Switch dock.

Game modes

There are three game modes in Mario Kart Live. One is the Grand Prix, which is similar to the standard mode found in other Mario Kart games. Each cup in the Grand Prix will consist of three five-lap races. The game randomly mixes up the course with a different environment theme that comes with a set of obstacles.

Some environments will affect the player’s handling of the kart.

The other two modes are Custom races and Time Trial. The Custom Races lets players fully customize a track to their whim.

The standard modes are played against AI opponents. However, players can also play multiplayer, given that each of them has their respective karts.

Nintendo isn’t a newcomer when it comes to weird mechanics and unique gameplay. However, it’s Mario Kart Live that’s possibly the most unique of them all. It looks like a great and enjoyable experience, but of course, players will have to spend a lot on it first.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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