Mnet has been chastised for using the Islamic prayer ‘Adhan’ as BGM


In the Street Woman Fighter teaser, Mnet remixed and utilized Adhan or Azan as background music when introducing Kang Daniel.

When will Mnet learn a lesson?

Their most recent survival program, Street Woman Fighter, an all-female dance crew competition, has received backlash for playing inappropriate music. Because the first episode was not accessible on many platforms, it was possible to broadcast seamlessly.

However, a Muslim viewer observed that Adhan or Azan was being played last week when it became accessible on several free sites, and the viewership grew.

Adhan is heard in the background for nearly a minute in a preview teaser where we see Kang Daniel, the presenter, stroll among the participants. Not only that, but OP (original poster) pointed out that Mnet altered the religious prayer and utilized it as the BGM for the song Street Woman Fighter (background music).

In Islam, the term Adhan refers to a sacred summons for Muslims to pray. The OP informed other viewers that Adhan celebrates Allah’s name as well, and therefore utilizing it as opening music is disrespectful.

Mnet is in hot waters

This post was made on September 4th, but it didn’t acquire traction until September 7th. The hashtag #Mnetapologize became popular as more people shared it on Twitter and other social media sites.

Non-viewers, members of different faiths, and more Muslim internet users came together to educate Stan Twitter and pressure Mnet to accept responsibility for their acts.
Muslim K-pop fans are fed up.

While cultural appropriation is quickly disseminated once the offending party apologizes, it took OP’s message a couple of days to reach the bulk of Twitter users. They also mentioned other instances, such as when producers utilized Adhan as background voices in CL’s song.

No one mentioned it when she apologized and deleted it out. Many users also said that, although cultural appropriation is still used for clout, Mnet should have had a conscience and avoided using religion in any situation since it is considered heresy.

Who edited the video?

This isn’t the first time fans have expressed dissatisfaction with Street Woman Fighter. According to fans,  Mnet has been employing deliberate editing for participant Lee Chaeyeon from the publication of the teasers and the first few episodes.

She is the lone idol in the competition, and her fan following is enormous, as shown by the $2.8 million WIZ*ONEs received after her band IZ*ONE dissolved.

Mnet has regularly used her in video thumbnails, creating stories around her and dramatic editing footage of her weeping, while other professional dancers are brutally honest about her abilities.

Viewers and WIZ*ONEs are fed up with it, and they want the program to concentrate on her and the other contestants’ dancing abilities and the competition instead of the drama.


Image courtesy of tvN Asia/YouTube

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