Mnet’s ‘CAP-TEEN’ held an online press conference

The judges and producers for the new audition program of Mnet CAP-TEEN took part in an online press conference before the show’s premiere.

CAP-TEEN is the new program of Mnet where they search for the next teen K-pop star. They will be looking for unique contestants, and their parents will also take part to receive direct feedback from the judges of the show.

The judges in the program are Jessi, Lee Seung Chul, MONSTA X’s Shownu, and Soyou, together with the MC, Jang Ye Won.

The fiery competition of CAP-TEEN

PD Choi Jung Nam explained why he called CAP-TEEN as SKY Castle because of the audition shows. They mentioned SKY Castle because they wanted to highlight the fiery competition that the children and parents are participating in.

They are planning to capture the full emotions of the teenagers and their parents during the process.

Give and take life lessons

Soyou shares that she learned a lot from the contestants while she was judging. She felt more of a burden because the parents of the contestants are taking part too. She also added that she wondered if she would be able to give some realistic advice to them.

Shownu commented that many young contestants are skilled. Soyou also talked about the characteristic of the judges.

She mentioned that Lee Seung Chul has experience with shows, but he seemed cold. About Jessi, she has the words for the contestants and encouraged them. She also keeps the mood on the set as she gives a big reaction.

Trying to help the contestants

Lastly, Soyou said that Shownu is a quiet person, and she does not talk much. Moreover, the producers found out that she talks a lot when trying to help the contestant in his role as a judge.

When she sees Shownu talkies to the contestants, he tries his best to be a good role model.


Image courtesy of Mnet Official/YouTube Screenshot

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