‘Mobile Legends’ content creators paid not to play ‘Wild Rift’?

'Mobile Legends' content creators paid not to play 'Wild Rift'?

The rumors are rife that famous Mobile Legends content creators are paid not to play Riot’s upcoming mobile MOBA title, League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

The competition between the two mobile MOBA games is definitely heating up. As previously reported, Riot Games’ League of Legend: Wild Rift will definitely divide Moonton’s MOBA audience.

That said, the rumor mill is currently heavy on the news that Moonton might be offering a few content creators to not play Wild Rift. 

Offers made in Indonesia?

As announced, Riot is set to open its servers for the Regional Open Beta phase. One of the lucky regions chosen is Indonesia.

In a local Indonesian media outlet, Hasagiit is reported that a former member of a well-known ML eSports team, EVOS, expressed on his stream about the issue.

Accordingly, Yorino “ Donkey ” Putra told his NimoTV viewers recently that he and his friend “received offer from other parties not to play Wild Rift.”

However, the ML pro-player failed to mention who this third party is. No further information was even given. Nonetheless, the media outlet notes that the community has already speculated who the “mastermind behind this questionable stunt is.”

The online chatter entails that Mobile Legends is big in Indonesia. Of course, Riot Games has plans in-store to counter that soon. The report says Riot has “something big” planned for Wild Rift in Indonesia. This includes the game’s eSports arena.

Other streamers asked the same as well?

Moreover, it appears that the alleged offer is not limited to Indonesia. It turns out, other content creators in countries such as the Philippines, are hindered to release any WR gameplay.

This came from a recent discussion on Facebook. Others are attesting to this rumor.

One even said that the message is coming from “unknown people.” Meanwhile, others defend that as pro-players, it might be part of their contracts.

Since the dawn of MLBB, the game has gained quite the popularity. Even Tencent’s Arena of Valor did not come close to the amount of fame that ML has.

However, Riot’s Wild Rift carries a different strength in the competition. First of all, Mobile Legends has long been accused of being a mere copy of LoL. In fact, a lawsuit was even made because of that.

League of Legends is one of the pillars of the MOBA arena, most especially in eSports. The arrival of its mobile port will indeed be a game-changer.

Nonetheless, Moonton is yet to clarify this issue. That said, readers are advised to take rumors and speculations with a grain of salt.

Featured image courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/YouTube Screenshot


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