‘Mobile Legends’ developer announces project ‘Next’

Balancing has always been an issue in Mobile Legends, and for a game with over 80 heroes, it’s tough to make sure that no one is over or underpowered. For developer Moonton, the steps to change the meta begins with what it calls ‘Next.’

Moonton has always been innovative when it comes to adding new features and heroes to the popular MOBA Mobile Legends, but its next major update is something completely different. Once the update arrives, players can expect a major shift in the meta, thus effectively making games more unpredictable.

What is ‘Next?’

Next is Moonton’s latest way to revitalize the game. The update itself will feature major tweaks and reworks to existing heroes. Aside from that, it will also have audio and visual upgrades for the game, which are all tailor-made to better serve the players of the game.

While the Next initiative features big plans, the primary focus of the developer is improving some heroes who have been getting low picks lately. It also aims to improve the game’s controls, effectively giving players a better feel of the game.

Moonton Marketing Manager William Mei says, “the revamp will be centered around the classic heroes’ core features, giving each one of them a unique symbol. This involves an updated story as well as skill reworks. In addition to these changes, improvements are also being carried out on model appearance, animation, and sound effects.”

The update will be an answer to the complaint that some heroes are ultimately less viable in Mobile LegendsNot just in Ranked Games, but some heroes are becoming more ineffective over time because of the latest adjustments and hero additions to the game.

With the reworks, the game’s list of effective heroes will be greatly increased, making games more exciting. For the initiative, Moonton is welcoming players to drop their suggestions.

Who’s up for a rework?

Although Moonton is yet to reveal the heroes who will be in the focus of the adjustments, fans already have a clear idea of who those heroes are. One that might be getting a rework soon is Layla. For a long time, Layla has been dubbed as one of the weakest marksman heroes due to her inability to get out of sticky situations.

Big things are in store for Mobile LegendsFor now, players should be on the lookout for what Moonton is planning for the game. What we do know for certain is that in the future, games will be more diverse.


Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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