‘Mobile Legends’ hero spotlight focuses on upcoming Khaleed

What’s great about Moonton’s mobile MOBA is that there’s always a new hero added each month. We just got a reveal of the next hero for Mobile Legends, and it’s a fighter hero named Khaleed.

Khaleed, also known as the Desert Scimitar, is the next hero for Mobile Legends. The hero will be coming to the game on August 7. Players can purchase him for 32000 Legend tokens or with 599 diamonds. Here’s everything we know about the hero so far.


Khaleed is said to be a hero that focuses on AoE damage. This means that if players can farm early on in the game, they’ll be able to take out groups of enemies during a team fight easily. Early in the game, Khaleed players should try to avoid clashing with enemy heroes first, and they should focus primarily on farming.

Hero Skills

Khaleed’s first skill is called Desert Tornado. When used, Khaleed will leap into the air and spin around with his weapon. If he is able to hit a hero, he can dash towards that hero’s direction and use Desert Tornado again. The skill can be used up to three times, and it serves as his primary AoE ability.

His second skill is called Quicksand Guard. When used, Khaleed harnesses the power of sand to give himself regenerating capabilities and a reduction in damage. When used, heroes that go near Khaleed will be slowed significantly. Again, this is a useful skill to have during team fights as it will not only make Khaleed more durable, it can also disrupt the other team.

Khaleed’s ultimate ability in Mobile Legends is called Raging Sandstorm. Khaleed summons a sandstorm at the designated location. Enemies in the direction of the sandstorm will be knockback. Meanwhile, those who are at the landing spot will get significant damage and a minor stun.

His passive ability is called Sand Walk. When moving, Khaleed is able to accumulate sand, and when the meter is full, he’ll begin gliding on the map. When active, he has increased movement speed and damage.

Now that the Mobile Legends roster is going to expand once again, fans should begin to save up their Legend tokens. Khaleed looks to be a great fighter to add to the team. Last month’s Yu Zhong shook up the meta, and it seems like Khaleed is set out to do the same.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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