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‘Mobile Legends’: Heroes that need to be revamped


Moonton’s NEXT project for Mobile Legends is all about rebalancing the game by reworking some of the heroes. There are already that have been confirmed, but fans have heroes on their minds as well.

The recent update for Mobile Legends already reworked Eudora. Next up is Saber. There are still a lot of heroes in the game that need a major rework, and these are just some of the highly requested ones that need to go back into the meta.


Layla serves as the introductory character for the mobile MOBA. As a marksman, Layla’s skills are primarily focused on taking out heroes and turrets from afar. While she can be a formidable hero when given enough support at the start of the game, players have complained that her ability to get out of trouble is very lacking.

Layla doesn’t have any flicker abilities or escape abilities. For a marksman hero, these are important as they are often the target during clashes. Hopefully, Moonton listens to fan requests.


For melee heroes, Balmond serves as the introductory character for Mobile Legends. To this date, Balmond remains to be one of the worst tanks in the game. For starters, he is less durable than all of the tanks, making him a bad option for clashes.

He does have killing capabilities, but as the match goes on and the enemy heroes start to build up their items, his ability to kill is greatly reduced. Last and most important, Balmond doesn’t have any setting abilities. Crowd controlling with him is nearly impossible, which is a crucial skill for tanks to have.


Another marksman hero that should be due for change is Miya. Miya has the skill to run away in case she’s in trouble, but her ultimate ability is primarily used for hunting down enemies because of the buff it gives.

Players want Miya to have better escaping abilities like what they want for Layla. They also want Miya’s frost arrows to freeze enemies in place much faster than its current state. Luckily, she’s next.

Mobile Legendsheroes are due for some major changes, but understandably, not everyone needs a rework. Fans are hoping that these heroes above get the changes they deserve as they should be a part of the meta as well. By giving these heroes the changes they deserve, the meta will be changed drastically, making games much more dynamic.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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