‘Mobile Legends’: How to play as Brody

Mobile Legends will expand its roster once again this week, and players are going to get a new marksman. Brody is one of the unique marksmen in the game, so players will need to ready themselves for this hero ahead.

Brody is a unique marksman in Mobile LegendsAs compared to others, he has slow attack speed. However, he makes up for this with heavy damage and great movement speed. Here’s how players can fully utilize this upcoming marksman to the MOBA.

Pick early

At the offset, Brody is best played as an assassin. Players should stick to the gold lane and stay there until the gold shields at the first towers are out. Once done, Brody should try to roam around the map and pick some of the enemy heroes one by one.

Brody can be an excellent assassin. He works well during one-on-one battles, especially if he’s the one who makes the first move. In the latter parts of the game, Brody can be an excellent asset in team fights. More specifically, Brody should always try to initiate fights with his Abyss Impact.

Focus on damaged items

As he is a slow attacking marksman in Mobile Legends, it’s best to focus on increasing his damage instead. Giving him lifesteal and critical hit items will work well with his natural heavy damage. Players should also try to give him at least one item that increases his defense, as this is his weak point as well.

Hold out

At every clash, it’s very likely that the enemy team is going to try and take out Brody. Of course, it will be the player’s duty to hold out for as long as possible. Having him die early in the clash will put the team at a great disadvantage as they will lose a lot of damage.

Holding out is important to Brody. His ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, takes bigger damage the larger the HP is missing from the enemy. Players shouldn’t use his ultimate ability to initiate fights as it will go to waste.

Brody is expected to change the meta in Mobile Legends once he arrives. He will come this Oct. 13, and players can get him for 599 diamonds or 32000 Battle Points. As early as now, players should check out his skill set and item builds to prepare for him. He’s sure to be a highly picked hero when he launches.

Image used Mobile Legends/YouTube

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