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‘Mobile Legends’: How to use the new and improved Miya


Formerly a hero out of the meta, Miya has now become one of the best marksmen in Mobile Legends. Players should take their time to learn the reworked poster girl of the game.

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update is now live. Some of the game’s heroes have gotten their much-deserved spotlight. This includes the game’s poster girl, Miya. In the update, she got reworked from appearance to abilities. She’s now a huge part of the meta, and players are practicing playing as her. Here are a few tips for playing as Miya.

Where to lane?

At the start of the match, Miya should focus more on going to the gold lane. Since the new meta no longer suggest jungle farming for marksmen, this is how she can farm gold early in the game. Players should focus more on destroying the wagon type minions in each wave as these give extra gold.

Like in the previous meta, marksmen like Miya should be accompanied by a tank. This is even more crucial now as it will allow Miya to destroy the outer shield of the first towers. Doing so will yield more gold as well.

Attack speed focus

Miya’s Turbo passive ability almost remains the same, aside from a few tweaks. Despite the changes, however, it doesn’t remove the fact that she needs to have great attack speed if she were to contend with other heroes in the game. Even after the new Mobile Legends update, players will need to focus their build on creating attack speed items.

Stay safe early, dominate late

Miya has become a late-game character because of her rather slow progression into the game. If she is able to farm early on in the game, she can completely dominate enemies, even being able to kill multiple enemies at once during clashes.

Players will need to focus on keeping alive and farming early on. Whenever there are clashes, Miya should try to pick off the support as she’s the one capable of doing this.

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update changed the way the MOBA is played. It’s what fans have been looking for all these years, and it’s good that Moonton finally stepped up to the challenge. Players can expect more from the developer as they seem intent on competing with the upcoming League of Legends Wild Rift game that’s coming soon on mobile devices.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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