‘Mobile Legends’ new heroes Popol and Kupa is worth having after all

Mobile Legends’ new heroes are creating a buzz in its gaming community. Popol and Kupa’s presence has changed the way the ranks and classic challenges are being played.

Players are eager to try the first ever two-in-one hero on Mobile Legends in their own servers.  For the gamers, they can obtain the new marksman heroes, Popol and Kupa by using the battle points or diamonds.

Popol and Kupa also referred to as the “Iceland companions” have an unlikely relationship as both are deemed best friends.  Popol is branded as the main hero while Kupa is Popo’ls own turret of support.

Popol and Kupa Skills

In regards to skill sets, Popol and Kupa are extremely gifted. All in all, this new marksman has four skills.  In all skills, Popol and Kupa are both working as one, either in offense or in defense.

The first skill which is referred to as “bite’ em kupa” is a stun move to freeze the movements of its enemies.  This skill does not only stun, but it also creates great damage, specially when Kupa is in his alpha wolf form.

In this case, enemies can be attacked  from afar with great precision. It does not really matter if there are two or more enemies.  Both will always have the upper hand when fighting together.

This skill serves as the primary damage for both of them since Kupa also inherits the traits of Popol’s item equipment. Furthermore, whenever by chance Kupa has fallen during the battle, he can always be brought back to life by Popol’s prayers.

The seconds skill which is denoted to as “kupa help” performs as a shield skill.  This serves as the main defense skill of both Popol and Kupa. By creating a shield wherever and whenever. Moreover, the shield protects Popol while inflicting damage on the enemies nearby.

“Popol’s surprise” which involves traps is the third skill of this hero.  Popol can set up three traps with ease and it can be distributed all across the battlefield. These traps can be put in target locations by Popol and whenever enemies are caught, they are immobilized, granting Popol and Kupa a wide berth of advantages.

Disadvantages of using hero Popol and Kupa

Although this new hero may be exceptional, Popol and Kupa have weaknesses like the other heroes in Mobile Legends. Unlike the other heroes, Popol and Kulpa has a small range of attacks that would at times hamper their positioning at the battlefield.

Furthermore, Popol is dependent on Kupa, and when the latter dies it would be almost impossible for Popol to fight alone. With this information at hand, it is still up to the gamers to evaluate whether Popol and Kupa are worth buying for.

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Image Courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/Youtube Screenshot

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