‘Mobile Legends’: New skins for Pharsa and Hanzo revealed


Skins are a huge part of the appeal of Mobile Legends, and fans always appreciate it if their favorite heroes are getting new cool ones. Just recently, the developer revealed new skins for a favorite Mage and Assassin in the game.

Moonton just revealed two new skins for Mobile LegendsThe skins are going to be for Hanzo and Pharsa – both of which are pretty much prominent in the meta. Here’s a look at these cool new skins that will soon launch for the game.

Pharsa – Empress Phoenix

Pharsa’s new skin will give her a fiery flare and show off her undeniable prowess on the battlefield. Based on the mythological phoenix, Pharsa’s new skin will also alter how her skills look, and fans of the mage are sure to be excited about it.

For instance, when using her ultimate ability, the area around Pharsa will be up in flames. Each tick of her ultimate will be represented by a burst of fire on the target. When using her Energy Impact, enemies will be hit with a wave of fire.

Perhaps the best part of her skin is that she turns into an actual phoenix when using Wings by Wings.

Hanzo – Insidious Tutor

Hanzo’s Insidious Tutor skin turns the dangerous assassin into a cool and brooding teacher. Like Phara’s Empress Phoenix, Hanzo’s abilities will be affected by the new skin, so it’s a skin that’s worth the diamonds in the game.

When using Demon Feast, the demon that appears on targets will look different. This goes the same for when Hanzo uses Demon Thorn. When using his ultimate ability, Pinnacle Ninja, Hanzo summons a demon with a glowing sword.

The skins will be purchasable for 599 diamonds, so players should top-up their accounts as early as possible. The good news is that these skins won’t be offered for a limited time, so players can get it whenever they want to. For a special offer, players can get both the new skin and the hero.

Hanzo and Pharsa’s new skins are undoubtedly going to delight fans of the heroes. Since these two are in the meta, players can expect to see these skins in combat more often. Hopefully, the developer releases more cool skins for other heroes soon. For now, players should also consider trying out the new hero Khaleed who’s also going to launch this week.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube


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