‘Mobile Legends’ Project NEXT update now out

After weeks of teasing, Moonton has finally released the highly anticipated Mobile Legends Project NEXT update. The new update will bring all sorts of changes to the game that players should keep in mind the next time they play.

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update takes the MOBA into new territories, hence the name. There will be several changes that players should take note of before they play. Here are some of those significant changes.

New meta

The update primarily focused on making some new changes to a few heroes who have low pick rates. Most specifically, those heroes who are not a part of the new meta. From this point onward, this means that matches will be vastly different from one another as teams try to make new plays and strategies.

Some of the heroes that got major reworks include Miya, Eudora, Zilong, Layla, and Alucard. Players should expect to see these heroes more often once the update arrives.

Visual upgrades

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update also makes a lot of adjustments in terms of visuals and performance. The game significantly looks better. While this benefits some, players should consider that the game will be more demanding now.

Those with weaker smartphones may have to adjust their settings once the update arrives. They may experience a drop in framerates. The good news is that Moonton has made significant performance upgrades, so players don’t have to worry too much about lingering issues.

Gameplay tweaks

There are a lot of new gameplay tweaks that players should take note of. For starters, players can now no longer use the Hunter’s Blade item unless they have Retribution as their battle spell. The item is now truly reserved for heroes that are going to farm. In that light, players can now also see the damage their Retribution will inflict on creeps.

The AI minions are also much smarter now. Upon playing, players will notice that the minions will hunt them down if they get too close.

The update brings a lot of other gameplay tweaks to the MOBA. Players should consult the patch notes before diving into a match.

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update considerably upgrades the mobile MOBA experience. We’ll see what players think about the major changes within the coming days. Of course, there will be more changes from Moonton as they respond to player feedback.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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