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‘Mobile Legends’ releases new Project NEXT update


Mobile Legends is in for big changes courtesy of Moonton’s Project NEXT update. The developer has been nice enough to showcase the upcoming major changes to the game through a video series, and another one just got released.

So far, we’ve seen the reworks for Eudora, Alucard, Saber, and Miya. A new Project NEXT Express for Mobile Legends focuses on Zilong and Layla next. Here’s everything revealed in the new update.


Like the other reworked heroes before him, Zilong is going to get an appearance update as well. His new appearance will reflect his versatility on the field as per Moonton. Sporting a shorter hair and more refined armor, the fan-favorite looks better than ever.

The update focused primarily on his Spear Strike ability. Now, Zilong can use this blink ability anytime. Previously, he can only dash in the direction of a targetted hero. The change reworks the way he is played.

The developers have also removed the short pause that occurs when Zilong uses his ultimate ability. His passive ability now also triggers every fourth attack. Overall, this makes the hero much more efficient on the battlefield.


Fans have long requested that the Mobile Legends developer change Layla as she can’t keep up with meta heroes. For Layla, Moonton has even changed the way her weapon looks in the game, which reflects her new abilities.

Moonton retained most of the core concepts and mechanics of Layla’s abilities. However, they added significant buffs to her range and damage so that she becomes a more versatile hero. With the update, she becomes an efficient AoE damage in the game.

Other upgrades

The developers also showcased the visual upgrades the game is in for. The UI at the home screen will be revamped to look much better. For instance, there’s an added special effect when players join in on a group lobby.

The battlefield itself is also getting a few key changes. The most notable of which is the special effect that shows whenever players are using the Recall skill. Now, the skill looks more magical when used.

Mobile Legends is in for some big changes thanks to the Project NEXT update. We’re sure that the developers are far from done when it comes to the changes they have planned. Hopefully, we get to see more in the coming weeks as there are still more heroes due to some changes.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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