‘Mobile Legends’ tips and tricks: How to use Yu Zhong effectively

The roster of heroes in Mobile Legends expands once again, and this time, it’s a fighter character. Players are having fun with this new character as his skillset makes him a formidable crowd controller as well.

Yu Zhong, the Black Fierce Dragon, recently got added to Mobile Legends, and players can get their hands on the new fighter as early as now. He’s not for the newcomers, though, as his skill set is more complicated than expected. Here’s how to use this new hero.

Chain up his skills

Yu Zhong has four abilities, which includes his ultimate, Black Dragon Form. His three other skills can be used effectively if players chain up their attacks. Players should start off by using Dragon Tail, which has a delay of a second before being activated. While the skill is readying up, players should charge ahead with Yu Zhong’s Furious Dive. When the timing is right, Dragon Tail activates just as Yu Zhong lands.

As the enemies try to escape, players can use Soul Grip to deal massive burst damage. Anyone that remains after the attack can then be chased down using Black Dragon Form.

Using Black Dragon Form

Using Black Dragon Form to initiate fights is not a good idea as it doesn’t deal much damage as compared to Yu Zhong’s combo in Mobile Legends. It’s best to reserve Black Dragon Form at the end of the fight when the enemies are trying to escape. Enemies hit with Black Dragon Form are launched into the air, making it harder for them to leave.

Focus the attack

Yu Zhong’s passive ability is Cursing Touch. Whenever Yu Zhong hits an enemy, he gets Sha Essence. When his meter is filled up, he gets an immediate 40% boost to his movement speed and 20% spell vamp.

Any enemy hit by Yu Zhong’s attack will receive a stack of Sha Residue. Once an enemy receives five stacks of this, they’ll be cursed and dealt damage over time. This means players should always focus their attack on one of the enemy heroes instead of attacking others randomly.

Yu Zhong is an excellent crowd controller and AoE damage in Mobile Legends. If players master him effectively, they’ll be able to help out their team during the toughest scuffles in the game. He may be hard to use now, but in time, players will get used to his complicated combo.


Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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