‘Mobile Legends’: Tips for using Khaleed the Desert Scimitar

Khaleed, the Desert Scimitar, is the next hero for Mobile Legends, and he’s coming next week. Those planning to use this hero must be prepared so they can easily increase their win rate.

Khaleed is a fighter that specializes in regeneration and group fights. From the look of his skills, he is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean that players are going to succeed in every game with him. Here are a few tips once players use this character in Mobile Legends.

Forego durability items

Khaleed’s Quicksand Guard provides him with a ton of durability and survivability in matches. Players should use this as often as possible as it also slows down any nearby enemies. Since Khaleed already has durability skills, players should focus more on building items that decrease cooldown time and increase his damage.

If players want to add a durability item for safety measure, it should be the Oracle for extra regen or the Queen’s Wings for extra cooldown and damage reduction.

Wait for setters

Khaleed’s Desert Tornado is his primary way of damaging groups of enemies. If it successfully hits an enemy, Khaleed can go in that direction and do another Desert Tornado. As such, it is crucial for Khaleed to use this skill when enemies are grouped up.

Instead of being the initiator, Khaleed should wait. One of the crowds controlling tanks in Mobile Legends should be a good match for him. These tanks include Gatotkaca, Atlas, and Tigreal.

Dive with the ultimate

When joining a team fight, Khakeed should use his ultimate ability to dive in. Raging Sandstorm can knockback enemies in the way. It will also stun heroes wherever Khaleed lands. It is a good initiator skill if Khaleed is late for a team fight. He can disrupt the enemy team’s tactics if this is used properly.

Alternatively, Raging Sandstorm can also be used as an escape tool in emergencies. Khaleed can go over walls and can travel far with this ability. As such, it’s also important to have items that reduce cooldown as well.

Mobile Legends’ roster will expand with Khaleed next week, and pre-orders are now live. Going by the previous hero releases, it’s most likely that Khaleed is going to be a powerful addition to the mobs. As early as now, players should learn to master and counter the Desert Scimitar.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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