‘Mobile Legends’ tips: How to use Popol and Kupa effectively

Effectively using Popol and Kupa, 'Mobile Legends' latest heroes

Moonton has added a new hero in Mobile Legends, and this time, it comes in the form of Popol and Kupa, a new marksman. This hero will push players to the limits as they are the most uniquely designed so far.

As players would’ve guessed, Popol and Kupa are actually two units. Kupa, the wolf, will always fight alongside Popol. These two in one pair may be powerful, but without the right know-how, players won’t be able to utilize their combined powers. These tips below might help players understand how to best use the Icelandic partners.

Power of two

The unity between these two is their main strength. Popol and Kupa’s We Are Friends passive proves just that. Kupa will always fight alongside its master, and it’s able to get the effects of the items that Popol wears. Whenever Kupa falls, Popol can revive it instantly. It’s important to fall back a bit as it takes a while for Kupa to be revived, and during the casting, Popol is vulnerable.

Lastly, We Are Friends gives Kupa the ability to land a critical hit every time Popol makes four successful strikes on a target. It’s recommended to use the fourth and last hit on heroes that have low health.

Consider Kupa for builds

Both Popol and Kupa will benefit from the items bought. As Kupa goes upfront as a melee fighter, it might be wise to buy defensive equipment as well. Dominance Ice, Cursed Helmet, and Brute Force Breastplate can greatly increase Kupa’s survivability upfront.

As for the rest of the items, players should devote at least three item slots for attack speed, damage, and lifesteal. For now, the current build suggests Endless Battle, Scarlet Phantom, Wind Talker, and Blade of Despair.

Pick off heroes one by one

Popol and Kupa’s kit makes them a deadly assassin capable of picking off any hero they want. Whenever Popol finds a lone enemy hero, that hero will already be at a disadvantage as the battle is technically two versus one.

Their ultimate ability is We Are Strong. When activated, Popol and Kupa gain increased attack and movement speed, thus making them more of a deadly pair. Throughout the match, it’s advisable to roam around the map to find potential victims to pick off.

Popol and Kupa’s survivability roughly depends on one another, so in team fights, Popol might be in trouble once his companion falls in battle.

As Popol and Kupa are in their early stages, players should expect a few buffs and nerfs to keep the game balanced. For now, players thing the pair is deadlier than usual.

Image used courtesy of Moonton/Youtube Screenshot

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