‘Mobile Legends’ tips: Who needs the blue buff the most?


With varying hero roles in Mobile Legends, which ones should be prioritized for the highly coveted blue buff?

Jungling is an important aspect in most multiplayer online battle arenas like Mobile Legends. In this particular game, junglers often control the flow of the match. One can even say that the outcome of a match is highly dependent on how players control the jungle.

The Jungle is home to a series of buffs that players can use to their advantage. In the Jungle, players would find healing buffs, gold buffs, the Turtle buff, red buff, and the blue buff.

The blessing of the blue buff in Mobile Legends

The blue buff offers players a number of advantages for a limited amount of time. Players can gain this buff by eliminating the serpent in the jungle. Upon receiving the blue buff, players would get to experience a 10% cooldown reduction on all hero skills. Not only that, but the blue buff also reduces mana cost by 40% and energy costs by 25%.

This buff also offers HP regeneration when killing an enemy unit. With all these perks, it’s not surprising why players would want to get the buff for themselves. But strategically, the player that should get the buff depends on the circumstance of the match.

Ideally, players should decide beforehand who gets to receive the blue buff. But generally, here is a priority list for hero roles when it comes to the blue buff in Mobile Legends. 

Marksman/Fighter – Moderate Priority

Marksmen and fighters do need the blue buff. The perks that the blue buff gives enable marksmen and fighters to deal consistent damage, which is essential, especially for solo laners and mid-laners.

But these roles are considered moderate priority only because they don’t often use their skills to attack enemies. This is especially true for marksmen. Furthermore, given their speed, these hero roles are more effective at stealing the enemy buffs rather than compete for the ones in their jungle.

In the late stages of the game, however, marksmen and fighters should be given higher priority. This is because with the right build and with the blue buff, they would be able to out-damage any other class in the match.

Assassins – Selective Priority

Assassins can make effective use of the blue buff at any stage of the game. Because they constantly need their skills to eliminate enemies, they should be given a higher blue buff priority.

However, not all assassins use mana or energy when attacking enemies (e.g., Hanzo), hence the selective priority. Mage-type assassins should be given a higher priority because they are most likely to need the CD, mana, and energy reduction perk. With the right build together with the blue buff, assassins can take control of the match.

Mages – High Priority in Mobile Legends

Mages rely highly on their skills to deal with enemies. Because they have high mana costs and longer skill cooldowns, they should get the blue buff the most out of any hero role. This is especially true for damage-dealing mid-lane mages.

High damage-dealing mages could turn the tide of any match with the blue buff. Not only that, but the blue buff also helps mages survive longer without having to recall. In the later stages of the game, priority may become lower for mages as they build items for mana regen and CD reduction.

But for mages that focus on damage (especially burst damage) builds, the blue buff is always a must.

Fanny – Highest Priority

It doesn’t matter what lineup or hero roles a team consists of. When there is a Fanny in the roster, that player should get the blue buff. Any experienced player knows that Fanny needs the blue buff the most in matches.

This assassin-type hero needs to constantly use her skills to survive and deal damage. But once this character reaches level 4 and gets all her skills, she’s a force to reckon with. The blue buff optimizes Fanny as a character.

Expert Fanny players can easily carry the entire team to victory, especially with the blue buff.

A few reminders

When a team is unbalanced or unsure who gets to claim the blue buff, just give it to the biggest damage dealer. Furthermore, never let enemies steal your team’s blue buff or any buff for that matter.

Buffs are an important aspect of Mobile Legends, and the right use of buffs could be what a team needs to win a match.


Image courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/Facebook (1)

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