‘Mobile Legends’ to ‘LoL Wild Rift’: Mirrored map and correct lanes for Champions

'Mobile Legends' to 'LoL Wild Rift': Mirrored map and Correct lanes for Champions

Riot Games is slowly dominating the mobile MOBA platform with its League of Legends: Wild Rift. Although this might be causing clashes against Mobile Legends players.

As what could have been expected, Riot will share Moonton’s crowd in the mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). With Wild Rift coming to the Asian region first, there’s an observed shift of players from Mobile Legends

Of course, Riot also targets its loyal League of Legends players who don’t have constant PC access. But it strung along ML players who would like to try something new.

If there’s one thing that all ML players can attest to, is the toxicity in the realm. One of the reasons behind jumping to Wild Rift would be because of this. However, what is instead happening is the spread of that toxic behavior to LoL mobile.

This is why ML players should keep in mind a few things before deciding to play Wild Rift. 


As accustomed in Mobile Legends, there are three lanes: the top, mid, and bottom (or bot). However, in Wild Rift, there are four lanes: Mid, Baron, Dragon, and Jungle lane.

Although, technically speaking, there are only three lanes as well, and they are all connected by the Jungle lane (or area).

It is important for each champion to correctly identify its designed lane to assure better team gameplay. For ML players, they are used to using Marksman heroes in mid lanes. However, that is not usually the case in LoL mobile.

Choosing the wrong lane would mean the enemy, who may have LoL gameplay background, will likely take advantage of the situation—specifically in farming.

While players can mix and match lanes in Mobile Legends and still win the game, that will not work with Wild Rift. 

For instance, Baron Lane is for Fighters, Tanks, and Assassins. While the Dragon Lane is for Marksman and Support Champions.

Mid Lanes, on the other hand, are usually for the Mages or Assassins.

Mirrored map

Moreover, the map in LoL mobile is not as simple as in Mobile Legends. It is mirrored as well, however, identifying the lanes will depend on whether players are in the blue or red team.

So players on the blue side will have its Dragon Lane on the bottom side of the map, while the Baron Lane is at the top. For the red team, the lane designations are swapped.

Not to worry though, as indicators are provided to identify which is the Dragon or Baron Lane.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the red team’s Marksman and/or Support will meet the blue team’s Tank or Fighter because the map is mirrored. This is why it is important for the Champions to go on their rightfully designated lanes, to avoid disadvantaged lane match-up.

Riot is set to open its testing phase to regionally in the coming days. This means more players will have access to it.

As early as now, ML players who are interested to jump to Wild Rift should do their fare-share of research to avoid in-game clashes with other teammates.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends: Wild Rift/Twitter

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