‘Mobile Legends’: Upcoming heroes from the advanced server

Moonton’s Project NEXT update for Mobile Legends is just the beginning as there’s more to come for the MOBA. For a glimpse at what’s next, it’s best to look into the game’s advanced servers.

The diverse roster of Mobile Legends continues to expand with new and exciting characters. There are already a few characters who are lined up and available via the game’s advanced servers. Here are who’s coming with the next couple of months.


She is a new assassin hero coming to the MOBA. At first glance, she looks very similar to Natalia, but her skillset is much different. Her passive ability is called Elapsed Daytime. When holding down the attack button, Benedetta accumulates Sword Intent. When the gauge is full, she launches a powerful AoE attack in the direction she is facing.

Despite being an assassin, Benedetta can be capable of taking out multiple enemies at once because of her skillset. Players should be warned though. She’s not an easy hero to use in the game.


The marksmen in the game are soon going to be joined by Brody. This marksman focuses more on burst damage. If players can get him to farm early on, he can be one of the most damaging assets on the team.

His ultimate ability called Torn-Apart Memory is one of the best for a marksman in Mobile Legends. When used, Broly can bind heroes in a set area and deal damage to them. While the bind duration is short, it can be enough for teammates to deal significant damage.


Mathilda is one of the unique heroes in the game. What makes her different is that she’s a support/assassin hybrid. An odd mix certainly, but upon checking her skills, players can see why she’s this way.

Most of her skills will cause damage to enemies. At the same time, they provide some sort of protection to her allies. Her passive is called Ancestral Guidance. When moving, she fills up a gauge which when full, amps up her next attack greatly. It also gives her a movement speed bonus for a short duration.

The Mobile Legends advanced servers are already packed with upcoming content. Before Moonton gets to releasing these new heroes, they’re most likely going to balance them first. What we do know for now is that fans are already excited to get their hands on the game.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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