‘Mobile Legends’ update: Moonton reveals rework plans for Eudora and Saber

Moonton’s Mobile Legends is moving forward with Project NEXT that aims on reworking and adjusting some of the heroes that have been off the meta for quite some time. Through a series called Project NEXT Express, we’ll know more about the upcoming changes.

Moonton just released the first episode of Project NEXT Express, which aims to showcase what’s next for Mobile LegendsIn the current episode, we got a look at the rework for Eudora and Saber.


Moonton decided to cut Eudora’s traditional long hair short. With her new look, Eudora looks a lot more like an elf now, which signifies the fact that she’s finally come to terms with her identity and race. The developers tease that a trailer for Eudora’s journey will come soon.

The developers also reworked how her passive ability, Superconductor works. In the current build, Eudora lessens the magic defense of her enemies whenever she successfully hits them with a skill. In the next update, she will now be granted extra damage instead.

When Superconductor is active, Eudora will also be able to crowd control enemies easier because she can stun more than one unit. Lastly, her ultimate got an upgrade, but the changes are for visual appeal only.


Next Mobile Legends changes to be revealed are for Saber, who, like Eudora, is a low pick rate hero in the later ranks of the game. His appearance has also been changed to cope with his new story of becoming the best swordsman in the world.

When it comes to changing his abilities, Moonton wants to address Saber’s reliance on his ultimate skill, his unstable damage, and his mediocre controls. To do so, Moonton is hoping to change his skillset by making players feel that they are rewarded more depending on their mastery of Saber.

The most significant change for Saber is with his orbiting swords. When used, the swords will now auto-target heroes who are hit by Saber’s skills. This means players are rewarded by making more combos. Moreover, Saber will be granted an enhanced basic attack if he uses his dash ability.

We’ve yet to know when Project NEXT for Mobile Legends will drop, but it seems that the developers are well on their way into making the update work. Saber and Eudora are just some of the heroes to get a rework, and we’ll be seeing more of the changes soon.


Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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