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‘Mobile Legends’: What’s next after Project NEXT?


Moonton just launched the highly anticipated Mobile Legends Project NEXT update, and fans are liking it so far. The next step in the MOBA won’t be its last, as there are sure to be other upgrades in the future.

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update changed the MOBA greatly. Aside from the much-needed reworks, improved visuals, and performance upgrades, the MOBA just felt a cut above the competition now. This shouldn’t be surprising as it’s not contending with big names like League of Legends Wild Rift.

What’s next for the MOBA anyways?

More reworks

Moonton did well in reworking heroes like Miya, Eudora, Zilong, Layla, Alucard, and Saber. Along with the tweaks to the game, the meta was significantly changed. Matches are now wildly different from one another. This is important for strategic games like MOBAs.

For now, there are still a ton of heroes who are at the low pick rate meta. These heroes include Balmond, Clint, Carmilla, and much more. So long as Moonton introduces more heroes, the pick rates of these heroes will continue to drop. It is vital for them to get reworked as well.

Visual and performance upgrades

The visual and performance upgrades that came with Project NEXT for Mobile Legends drastically improved the game. However, players are commenting that the game suffers from low frame rates from time to time.

Moonton will need to balance out the performance over visuals. For now, the minor issues are overlooked because a lot has changed in the game. Hopefully, Moonton continues to add more upgrades in the future. League of Legends Wild Rift looks closer to its PC counterpart, and it is setting the standards for mobile MOBAs.

More heroes

Of course, Moonton is still going to keep up its consistent expansion of the game’s roster. There are already a few heroes in the game’s advanced server, including Benedetta, a new assassin.

When a new hero does arrive, players are hoping that Moonton learns to balance them more properly. It has been a common occurrence that new heroes in the game are often over-powered.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT was a major step for mobile MOBA. Players love the changes so far. While there are a few qualms over performance and the balancing of heroes, players are still mostly content with what Moonton has done. Fans are looking forward to what’s next.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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