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‘Mobile Legends’: What’s the new meta


After the long wait, Moonton has officially released the Project NEXT update for the hit MOBA, Mobile Legends. The update has changed the game for the better, and now, players are adjusting to a new meta.

Before the Mobile Legends Project NEXT update, there was already an established meta in the game. The meta, which has been around for several seasons, has started to feel repetitive for players. It only changes whenever the developers introduce a new hero to the game.

In the old meta, the attention is usually placed on the core that a tank will accompany to farm the jungle. The core is usually the marksman or assassin. Here’s what the new meta is like.

Fighter/Assassin core

The jungle is now often reserved for one hero, which serves as the core. This usually falls into the hands of either an assassin or a fighter type hero. That hero will equip Retribution as his battle spell so that they can buy the Hunter’s Blade. The red and blue buff and every other neutral creep in the jungle will belong to the core.

Basically, the core will be tasked with farming alone quickly early on. As the game progresses, the core will rotate into other lanes to take out the enemy heroes.

EXP/Gold lane

The Project NEXT update also introduces the EXP and Gold lane. These are lanes that have either bonus EXP or Gold. These lanes will be present early on in Mobile Legends. The marksman of the team will go to the gold lane. The fighter of the team will go to the XP lane.

The mid-lane is often reserved for the mage of the team. The tank will accompany the marksman as usual.

Tower rushing

At the start of the game, the first towers on the map will have a barrier, which, when hit, will provide extra gold. Basically, players will need to rush in and break these barriers at the start of the game. The barriers disappear after a set amount of time. This role is usually left to the marksman who’s accompanied by the tank of the team.

The Mobile Legends meta has changed greatly, and players should try and adapt accordingly. Matches are wildly different now, and it will be changed in the future as the developer adds in more changes to the game as per the players’ request.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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