Modder adds a gargantuan Gundam figure in ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Yokohama Gundam figure in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Seeing an “outdated version” of a specific map somewhere in Japan where a giant Gundam stands, a modder takes it upon himself to make the map more up-to-date by adding a towering figure of a humanoid robot in the world’s map in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

When people talk of Gundam, many would think of it as that successful franchise involving colossal mechanized robots. Often seen in TV as anime or as part of a kid’s hobby as a toy builder or collector. But somewhere in Yokohama, Japan, there actually lies a massive android that has become a landmark in the place. A real behemoth of a Gundam literally standing in place for everyone nearby to see.

The location in question speaks of a factory in Yokohama which sees a gigantic presence of a Gundam as a monument. How massive it is exactly is equivalent to an entire building that is built on multiple floors.

Yokohama Gundam in Real Life

In reality, this Gundam in Yokohama is not really meant for static display, which is something we’ve already seen in Tokyo for several years. This particular Gundam is capable of movement in real life. At least, that appears to be the plan.

Something which its developers had been pre-occupied with for some time and with satisfactory results. In its latest demo, it shows the Gundam capable of pivoting certain body parts, almost mimicking human movement.

Adding a large Gundam in Microsoft Flight Simulator is not many would consider a major addition to the game. But it makes for a significant addition which directly contrasts the same map without a giant robot sticking out like a sore thumb.

Check It Out

If you are among those who are curious enough what it looks like to hover across a map with a Gundam in it, the said feature can be attained by applying a mod. For specific information on how to apply it in-game, check out Nexus Mods.

To view the mod in its full glory, simply spawn at the Yokohama Landmark Tower. From there, choose to fly in a southeastern direction until subsequently spotting the mech in its pristine white coloration.

Meant only to show its specific location in the world map, users should lower their expectation of anticipating movement on the Gundam. Even in real life, the mechanical machine doesn’t really have the liberty of free movement. If anything, it is mostly for display—even the fact that it will move underscores entertainment only.

Image used courtesy of Nexus Mods

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