Modder pays tribute to deceased mangaka via asset-swapping in ‘The Witcher 3’

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting a new mod, thanks to a fan who couldn’t get over Kentaro Miura’s demise.

The popular mangaka’s sudden death has put a shockwave to the entire manga community. Considered as one of the most influential figures to have come from Japan, Miura has had a large following. Partly, also because of his prolific career, which dates back to the 1980s.

Miura’s unexpected passing alone is a cause for heartbreak. But more so is the idea of leaving behind an unfinished legacy. Despite decades of on and off work, the author’s brainchild, Berserk, remains relatively undone. And one that could forever be so moving forward, considering the respect the community is giving to the original author. Miura, simply, cannot be replaced into completing the legacy he is leaving behind.

From a Fan for the Fans

To commemorate, one modder named “hub997” put the effort of placing the popular manga’s main character in an equally prominent game. Specifically, as a skin modification to CDPR’s The Witcher 3 main protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. What people get is a complete reskin of the said Witcher, when certain specific equipment is worn. In the case of the mod, a pair of Gryphon Pants and one particular sword.

It is worth noting that the idea of substituting Guts for Geralt is a concept that’s no longer fresh in the game. As was previously, someone else already had an attempt a it, which was at a time when the mangaka was still living. What the mod serves is nothing more than a tribute and serves little to nothing else, if not for aesthetics.

Lots of Mods, Potential Changes

That is all well and good. But throughout The Witcher 3’s years-long existence since release, the game has had an overabundance of positive alterations. One most notable of which is a visual uplift to the game, which adds layers of detail to an already well-detailed game. Another is a mod that introduces new weaponry into the game, adding a unique twist to an already familiar title. With all these customizations from the community in mind, it only shows the imperfections in The Witcher 3, despite all its greatness.

Anyone interested in a bespoke experience in the game should head over to Nexus Mods where the Polish modder’s work is being hosted.

But what do you think of this mod? Let us know by leaving your comment below.

Image used courtesy of Nexus Mods

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