Modders are extremely mad at ‘Resident Evil Village’s’ FOV and Vignettes

Resident Evil Village has a courted controversy from modders against their field of view settings.

Even though resident Evil Village is one of the most undeniable fan-favorite games, this game has been courted for serious issues. Some of the controversies on the release account to the modding community as they have expressed their concerns.

Some modders absolutely loved the game and handcrafting the cursed by impressive renditions of Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas The Tank Engine.

How is the new mod working?

However, the most popular mod has been the “Lazy FOV and Vignette Fix” with nearly 30,000 downloads from all around. This is around 20% of the total mod downloads for Resident Evil Village on Nexus Mods.

It is an incredibly significant percentage of the people who have downloaded the modded version of the game. This mod identifies the main problem present in all the Capcom games, and that is that the modder is in question has some strong words about Capcom’s treatment of the issue.

For as long as the games have been released on PC, there have been mods that can fix or even remix the whole setting of the game.

One notable example is the original PC port of Dark Souls, where the comprehensive DSFix mod actually got the mod creator a job in the actual video gaming industry. Resident Evil Village author, who goes by the name of Maceyface, is in a similar position right here, and as they are fed up with the nonsense excuses,

What are the main issues of the game?

Capcom has provided for its FOV and even Vignette choices. Maceyaface has remained convicted about the whole ordeal as they have not commented furthermore on the topic yet.

As such, the modders have tried to help people understand that if the FOV is too tight for a game, then it can give you gradual motion sickness, and then you won’t have a slight interest to play the game altogether. The mod author has wanted to create this update agnostic and fix way for the graphics options so that making the game is more accessible in this process.

On the other side, this mod has even diverted because some serious accessibility issues are emerging with Resident Evil Village that the developers could have eradicated at first hand. As Maceyaface have outlined in their mod description,

Capcom has a consistent problem with the locked field of view and excessive use of vignettes in the Resident Evil Village or the series.


Image courtesy of Gronkh/YouTube

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