Moderator Kristen Welker praised in Trump-Biden debate

The final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was filled with a lot of heat. However, moderator Kristen Welker is the one who’s being praised right now.

According to Deadline, moderator Kristen Welker is receiving praises for keeping the final Presidential virtual debate moving on Friday.

There is a straightforward reason for that. In the first debate last month, Fox News’ Chris Wallace did an okay job at this. But there were a lot of unwanted interruptions made from Trump’s side.

However, this time there was no such case at all. Thanks to Kristen Welker’s handling of the arguments. Many people are also admiring the questions that she asked in this last encounter of words.

Welker is NBC News White House correspondent and a co-anchor of Weekend Today.

Trump vs. Biden debate: Kristen Welker moderates perfectly!

The last debate turned virtual due to COVID-19 risks, was full of heavy arguments between Trump and Biden. Moderator Welker gave each candidate proper speaking time.

The total duration of the full event was 90 minutes. So it was important to conduct it relevantly in terms of strong questions and replies.

“You have two minutes, uninterrupted,” she kept reminding them both.

Even Donald Trump had to admit that she did a good job as a moderator.

“I respect very much the way you are handling this, I have got to say.”

On the contrary, he bashed her previously, since the last few days before this debate.

After the session ended, polls showed that Joe Biden was the winner. Various media outlets are conducting their own polls. Hence, the picture may differ constantly depending on the online platforms.

But Biden seems to have the support of many people, despite massive cheering for Trump.

Early predictions ahead of US Election results

Popular celebrities are consistently urging people to vote and show their power of electing the right candidate.

While several instances show the wave going with Republican Trump, others are favoring Democrat Biden.

News outlets are mostly backing Joe Biden this time and want a Democrat to lead America.

Famous personalities and renowned stars are also in support of him while showing distrust for Trump. They don’t see the Republican party repeating the success of 2016 in the next month.

Still, the clarity is yet to be seen after the final voting concludes.

However, the last Presidential debate did assert that Joe Biden is likely to win by a big margin. Because there were several arguments in which he replied strongly.

Moderator Kristen Welker properly handled both the candidates in a steady manner. It was also because the debate commission made a rule, this time, to mute the mics at a certain moment in the arguments.

Image courtesy of Devi Bones/Shutterstock

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