‘Modern Warfare’ Season 4 trailer confirms Captain Price new operator


A new trailer for Modern Warfare season 4 confirms Gaz and Captain Price are joining the revolution as the new operators.

For the whole month of May, Call of Duty has been teasing a lot of huge adjustments for the upcoming Modern Warfare season 4.

New trailer released

One of the most controversial updates in the game has been the opening of the secret bunkers in Warzone. One of the bunkers contained a questionable nuclear warhead.

Data miners have also uncovered a lot of information from the recent update released last week which is now confirmed in today’s trailer.

The trailer released by Call of Duty a few hours ago shows highlights from the events that transpired in the past three seasons.

In the middle of the trailer, the screen shows what appears to be the nuclear warhead found in one of the secret bunkers.

New operators

The biggest news is that a fan-favorite character from the current and previous Call of Duty campaigns will be joining the game.

Captain Price will be featured as the new operator for season 4’s battle pass. Standing next to him is Kyle “Gaz” Garrick who was featured in the first two Modern Warfare games.

New guns

The weapons that Gaz and Price are holding seem to be very intriguing. It looks like these weapons will also be added in the new update for the next season.

Price looks like he’s holding a Russian AR called Galil which only appeared in Black Ops games thus far. If this is true, this will be the weapon’s first appearance in a Modern Warfare game and it will be exciting to see how it works.

On the other hand, Gaz appears to be holding fast-firing SMG called Vector. The game is a favorite among fans and has been featured in most Call of Duty games in the past.

In the previous games, the Vector holds the record for the fastest fire rate in the game. It has low recoil but can only dish out little damage. It works similarly to the MP7 so it will be entertaining how these two unique guns stack up.

Possible night mode

Captain Price’s last words in the trailer, “Bravo 6, going dark, has also lead to rumors that the new season will feature night missions and the use of night vision goggles.

In the first seconds of the trailer, Ghost is seen using a night vision goggle as well. There is still no confirmation from the developers but the trailer could be suggesting a night mode in Warzone’s Verdansk map.

The new Modern Warfare Season 4 will begin June 3, 2020.

Featured image courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/Youtube Screenshot


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