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‘Modern Warfare’ tips: Ways on how to get the powerful Rytec AMR rifle


The new Rytec AMR sniper rifle has been released. To get it, players must finish a difficult challenge or buy it from the shop.

Call of Duty’s Season 4 update for Warzone and Modern Warfare has finally been released. It contains new maps, weapons, and modes for every player to try out.

One of the new guns introduced with the update is the Rytec AMR sniper rifle. It is a powerful anti-material gun which can fire destructive explosive rounds.

To unlock the new sniper rifle, players must participate in a long-standing Call of Duty tradition. Players will most likely see a lot of people trying to complete the challenge in Modern Warfare matches

Unlock via Quickscope challenge

Players can get the Rytec AMR without spending any money by proving themselves as expert shooters. To get the sniper rifle as a reward, players will need to achieve 3 quickscope eliminations in at least 15 various matches.

To achieve a quickscope kill, players must equip a sniper or a rifle. All they have to do is aim their gun’s rifle down, shoot then rebound to normal vision as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the task doesn’t have any distance requirements. This means players can do quickscope eliminations even at point-blank range.

This is not ideal and it cancels the purpose of a sniper. However, it is easier to quickscope kill enemies that are close instead of aiming for someone’s head from across the map.

Players must make sure to achieve 3 quickscope kills in one match since progress won’t be carried over to the next match.

Buy the Lost Souls bundle

Players who are having a hard time doing quickscope eliminations can skip the challenge and just buy the Rytec AMR. This might not be a cheap option but it is an easier way to get that powerful sniper rifle.

The Lost Souls bundle comes with the Rytec AMR’s blueprint called “Damnation”. For 1200CP ($12 or 18AUD), players can immediately get their hands on the Rytec AMR.

In addition, the bundle also contains Stippled Grip Tape for the rear grip, XRK Mastodon stock, and Cronen C480 Pro-Optic. The bundle also includes rifle attachments such as the Tac Laser and FTAC 448mm Grip Tape.

The rifle will also come with a weapon skin with white and red colors to make it look like a race car. The perfect fit for a rifle which can kill enemies at supersonic speed.

Modern Warfare players who are tired of trying to kill enemies with quickscope can just buy the Rytec AMR if they have an extra 1200CP lying around.

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