‘Modern Warfare’ update to be released this week featuring two new maps

A huge Modern Warfare update will be released this today. The developers have released the patch notes containing item changes and new maps.

Later today, Call of Duty fans will be able to install and download the new Modern Warfare update. The new patch is expected to bring huge changes to the most famous battle royale shooting game.

The update not only contains new maps but cosmetic changes too. While waiting for the Modern Warfare update, here are the confirmed changes that will be implemented on the next patch.

The multiple battle royale game will receive two new maps – Hardhat and Aisle-9. In addition, players will be able to buy the new Ghost Contingency Pack in the in-game store.


This map features a construction site which was first seen in Modern Warfare 3 last 2011.

The 6v6 map is a sanctuary for players who love fast-paced, close-combat gameplay. The map also contains a few long range sightlines so various loadouts can easily find success.

Old players will love to rediscover the new map. Players who are not familiar with the map will surely need to learn its ins and outs to achieve a win on their next match.

Aisle 9

This map is the latest addition in Gunfight which features its own playlist called Clean up on Aisle 9. The 3v3 playlist will be hosted in TDM, Grind, Kill Confirmed and Domination.

This means players will need to discover new ways to win on such a tiny map. Aisle 9 will also be featured in the Gunfight map rotation.

Ghost Pack Contingency Bundle

This time limited bundle will arrive this week alongside the Call of Duty update. The bundle contains a couple of weapon blueprints including a Legendary AR and a new skin which gives Ghost a nostalgic look.

The Ghost Pack will also contain 10 ghostly equipment so players can personalize their Operators and emblems. The bundle can be used in both Warzone and Modern Warfare battlefields.

Warzone Updates

Blood Money Quads will be returning to Verdansk. Players will need to team up in fours to start collecting money, complete contracts and kill enemies so they can end up on top of the Blood Money leaderboards.

There are two changes coming to Warzone – a brand new item and a shift in Gulag weapons.

Players will now find assault rifles and sub machine guns in Gulag. While players will still find shotguns and pistols, they should be aware that newer weapon classes can now be found in the map.

The Armor Box will be a new item in the next Modern Warfare update. It is similar to the Munitions Box and can be utilized by the whole team to replenish armor.

Featured image courtesy of Inkslasher/Youtube Screenshot

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