Mojo Vision is working on AR capable contact lens just like in sci-fi movies

Mojo Vision is bringing the AR experience from the screen and directly to the eyes

Mojo Vision is working on an AR capable contact lens that will bring a seamless augmented reality experience previously possible only in sci-fi movies.

Augmented reality capabilities are still odd fits in smartphones and tablets. Not many users find the feature useful outside basic social media gimmicks. The unnatural physical action involved in using AR is the biggest drawback in its success.

Users find lifting the screen device and pointing the camera just to see the AR effects tedious. Mojo Vision is experimenting on completely eliminating this barrier by taking the augmented reality experience directly to the users’ eyes.

Company vision of Mojo Vision

The contact lenses that Mojo Vision plans to release soon were only previously possible in sci-fi movies. The company envisions a time when smartphones and laptops will become unnecessary because people will have their own screen attached to their eyes.

The technology is similar to the HoloLens or the Google Glass. The essential difference lies in the fact that no one will know that the user is actually wearing a wearable tech.

Mojo Vision is bringing the AR experience from the screen and directly to the eyes

The contact lenses are still far from actually shipping to a regular consumer’s home, but the company is stacking up funds to speed up the process of developing the technology. In fact, several of the contact lenses’ features are still proof of concepts.

Mojo Lens has to work on completely unprecedented areas of innovation that makes the development phase a long and arduous one.

What are AR-capable contact lenses for?

Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of product and marketing of Mojo Vision, is excited for the product not just because its gimmicky, but because of the contact lenses’ practical use.

Mojo Lens is a smart contact lens with a built-in display that gives you timely information without interrupting your focus

The main value that the lenses will bring to the table is on-demand information without having to pull out a phone from the pocket. Pundits are claiming that the Mojo Lens is the next frontier for technological innovation.

According to them, every 15 years, a new technology defines the track of future of the industry. In the 80s it was the computers. The mid 90s experienced a big leap forward with the internet boom.

The mobile era defined the years following 2007. Now, experts are claiming that extra-personal devices will be the next big thing.

Images courtesy of Mojo/Company Website 

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