‘Money Heist’ season 4 frustrates fans with massive plot holes

Money Heist devotees were in an uproar after binge-watching season 4 and called out the show over gaping plot holes.

Money Heist proved its success in the entertainment industry after it became one of the most viewed shows on Netflix. It did not only raked millions of viewers, but it was also acclaimed by critics.

Predominantly, it bagged the International Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series, despite of all the stellar shows to choose from. The crime series has just made its immensely anticipated return recently on Netflix.

This allowed fans to catch up with the gang as they carry on with the heist inside the Bank of Spain. Both critics and viewers alike could agree that it was one of the best installments of Money Heist.

In the previous season, the thrilling crime caper stunned fans with more major deaths, double-crossing and plot twists. However, several devotees were quick to point out significant plot holes which could have changed the course of the show.

Fans in an uproar with Gandia oversight

One of these oversights is how Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) remained alive despite the whole gang opening fire at him. The professional assassin also appeared uninjured even after Denver (Jaime Lorente), threw a grenade at him.

A fan of the show explained how implausible the context was and further said,

“There were at least six people armed with M16s, actively firing at him. An M16 rifle uses 5.56×45mm NATO bullets. Enough to kill in one shot.”

Several viewers agreed to the fan’s statement and pointed out that the show’s team did not dig deeper into details. Another fan commented that the Kevlar vest used by Gandia only reduces the impact of the bullet but does not guarantee total protection.

Moreover, at the range he was standing from the group armed with rifles, those rounds should’ve gotten through the vest. However, apparently, it did not cause him any impact.

Writers deliberately forgot the Governor

Furthermore, the writers conveniently forgot that the gang held the Governor captive. Few binge-watchers wondered why he was not used as a shield, especially when Gandia pointed a gun at Nairobi.

A fan took to the Internet to comment on this matter and said,

“I don’t get why they didn’t use the governor to stop the assassin. He would probably follow the governor’s words.”

It appears that the showrunners deliberately left the governor out of the plot because they were concerned to kill Nairobi off the show.

Creator hints of a spin-off

Nevertheless, even though Nairobi is no longer on the show, creator Pina hinted at the character’s return via a spin-off. He also included in the list some notable cast of the show. Pina shared,

“From Nairobi (Alba Flores) to El Profesor (Álvaro Morte), Denver (Jaime Lorente) is yet another character with his own charm. I would love to write all of them as spinoffs!”

Money Heist season one to four is available for stream on Netflix.

Image Courtesy of DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock

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