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‘Money Heist’ season 5’s plot and release date remains a mystery


Money Heist season 5 has yet to be confirmed but there have been several details about the plot that were revealed.

Money Heist has been considered as one of the several hit series on Netflix because of the high viewership ratings it gained during the previous seasons. Critics and fans alike have branded it as a rare hidden gem, as well as the most addictive show on Netflix.

Although season four has just dropped on Netflix, fans are already wondering about Money Heist’s fifth instalment. Luckily, there have been details and theories revealed regarding the series’ future to keep fans sane.

Previous season

Money Heist season four followed with a lot of cliffhangers from the end of the third season. This includes the part where Lisbon (Itzar Ituno) was presumed dead and the Professor (Alvaro Morte) trying to save Nairobi (Jessica Alba) from a gunshot wound.

Fortunately, by the end of the fourth season, the team managed to gain the upper-hand on the Spanish police force. With the Professor’s compelling plans, information about Rio’s illegal torture has been released. This left the force answering difficult questions from journalists.

In addition to that, the Professor was able to devise a strategy that could sneak Lisbon in the Bank of Spain with the rest of the team.

Will Alicia Sierra join the team

Although the rest of the team were in a good place by the end of the season, the Professor ended in a critical situation as he was confronted in his hiding place by Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

Even though Sierra’s “checkmate” declaration could mean it is game over for the Professor, Money Heist season 5 might see the former enemy of the gang enter the quest to rob 90 tons of gold from the Bank of Spain.

Alicia Sierra is threatened not only for prosecution but also for libel and defamation cases. The Bank of Spain heist and its massive payload is Sierra’s best chance at freedom. Using whatever escape plan the Professor has in mind, along with a cut of the profits, Sierra could start a new life for herself and her baby.

Sierra is smart, ruthless, and can get into the minds of her enemies – all attributes that would make her a desirable asset to a criminal crew.

Who will be the new police negotiator

With Alicia gone, there’s an empty spot in the police tent at the negotiation table. This indicates that someone else will follow in Lisbon and Sierra’s footsteps in attempting to apprehend the heist squad.

One possible candidate is the much-hated character Colonel tamayo (Fernando Cayo). Ángel Rubio (Fernando Soto) is another potential option for the job after he has been involved in working out the Professor’s motives from the beginning.

Aside from these options, there is also a possibility that the upcoming season will bring in a new inspector to head up their final fight against the team. However, there have been no official announcements regarding the release date of Money Heist season five from its showrunners and producers.

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