‘Monster Crown’ is a developer team’s love letter to the monster-taming genre

Monster Crown trailer snapshot

A new promising monster-taming title is adding to a list of games of such genre and, this time, it will not be coming from Japan. In addition, it will not be as modern looking as the games released of recent. Rather, it will be retro-looking, but in a quaint kind of way.

This is not to say that there have not been generic games based on the same tried-and-true formula. Ever since the Pokemon craze has started back in the day, many have attempted to replicate its success thereafter.

While some have managed to do so and establish their legacy in people’s consciousness, others are not as fortunate. We have seen titles that, while promising in concept, end up looking generic and left into obscurity.

Homage to Classic

Monster Crown, from indie developer Soedesco, seeks to share on that success by coming up with a title that sticks to a proven formula. Featuring an 8-bit graphics that alludes to the days of the Game Boy Color, this monster-taming title is a true blue retro in its presentation.

The idea of the 8-bit graphics may no longer be the epitome of good graphics. But there is definitely something to admire in this kind of visual style and is something that is nostalgic in today’s veteran gamers. The notion is especially genuine towards bona fide Pokemon fans who had seen the series’ evolution starting from the very beginning.

A Monster-centric Tale

Like the franchise it tries to seemingly mimic, Monster Crown is all about monsters and the events that revolve around them. However, this game is not lighthearted and childish as it dabbles on dark concepts that we can all relate in real-life.

The presence of various monsters is not the only tell-tale sign that the game is trying to copy an existing franchise.

Being monster-taming as part of its overall theme, the game also gravitates towards coming across different creatures. However, instead of throwing balls, the game is all about building contracts with new monsters encountered.

Laundry List of Monsters

Putting a years-long established franchise to shame, this game promises a number that exceeds that of all Pokemon combined.

Each monster is also made unique by having its class types, making one significantly stronger or weaker than another. A feature that inevitably necessitates good planning to surmount the game’s many challenges.

If a retro-looking game is your cup of tea, Monster Crown is getting an Early Access at Steam on July 31, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Monster Crown/YouTube Screenshot

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