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‘Monster Hunter Rise’ Day 1 patch is now out


Capcom has now released a day 1 patch for Monster Hunter Rise. They also confirmed details for the upcoming updates that will add future monsters.

So far, Monster Hunter Rise is out with its 1.1.1 update today. The entire patch weighs around 600 MB, which allows players to use their DLC and play online. They also added a few crucial changes to the game.

Rise 1.1.1 update allows DLC access

Rise 1.1.1 update is mostly a quick bug fix for all their releases. The update also offers access to the Deluxe Kit for those who bought it. The patch also includes add-on content for pre-order bonuses and even amiibo bonuses.

Capcom also released all three MH Rise Amiibo. These come in the form of three of the most famous monsters in the game. These include Magnamalo, Palamute, and Palico, which unlock special layered armor.

Another announcement is the MH Rise Switch console. The console is a black and grey console with special flame and Monster Hunter icon decals. The dock itself has a gold Magnamalo logo emblazoned on it.

MH Rise 2.0 patch will add more monsters

As for the upcoming monsters on the game, the Japanese Twitter account for the game gave a quick teaser. The 2.0 patch, which will come at the end of April, will add more monsters. They will also include the release of Nushi Rio Leus.

“‘Monster Hunter Rise’ In “Ver.2.0” scheduled to be delivered at the end of April, “Nushi Rio Leus” will be newly released!” said the Twitter account, with the help of Google Translate. “Several additional monsters, including the Kasumi Dragon “Onazuchi,” will appear as early as about a month later. Prepare for more monsters!”

So far, players are enjoying the freshly released Monster Hunter Rise. From what it seems, the game is quite enjoyable, with a ton of replayability and an excited community.

The graphics are better than ever, using a medieval Japanese look to create an entirely different feel. The game is more charming than ever, and the small-town atmosphere of the hub town is unbelievable.

The game’s loading times are nearly nonexistent, and the game is an equal mix of fun and challenge. Rise is as seamless as it can be on the battlefield too. Battles run smoother than ever, all thanks to the Switch’s more powerful hardware.

The Wirebug is also a great additional that adds quite a lot to the game’s combat. Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch at the moment. The PC version will come out next year, 2022.

Featured image courtesy of Monster Hunter/Youtube Screenshot

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