‘Monster Hunter Rise’: Every new monster revealed so far

There’s no doubt that the biggest star of the recent Nintendo Direct was Monster Hunter Rise. We’ve seen a ton of nice gameplay footage and at the center of it all were the new monsters.

One of the most exciting things, whenever a new Monster Hunter game arrives, are the monsters themselves. There will be some new once introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, and we’ve already got a glimpse of some of them. Here’s who we saw during the trailer for the game.


The flagship monster for the game is a fanged-wyvern called Magnamalo. In every entry, the flagship monster serves as somewhat of a mid-way boss in the game. It’s usually very powerful, and it will force players to apply everything they’ve learned in the game up to that point.

Based on what we’ve seen, Magnamalo is going to be a fast and agile monster similar to Zinogre.


Aknosom is a new bird-wyvern that has a crest which it can use in battle. As per the trailer, it seems like Aknosom can use the crest to disorient players temporarily as they attack the new creature. Like Magnamalo, Aknosom looks like it’s going to be agile than most other monsters in the game.

Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi is one of the more unique monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise. Based on the trailer, this monster travels with two smaller companions. The companions aren’t just there to help the Great Izuchi, but they also mimic his exact moves. It will be exciting to see how fights against this monster with a herd mentality will feel like.

While other monsters travel in packs, this is a first that a monster has allies that mimic its moves.


The Tetranadon is an amphibian creature that can grow larger. The creature swallows up huge chunks of rocks that can hurl at players. It can also use these rocks to defend itself against the players.

These creatures are just some of the new ones coming to the game. There’s sure to be more unrevealed new monsters that we’ve yet to see.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for the Switch on March 26, 2021. Capcom is going to reveal more details about the game within the next few weeks, so fans should stay tuned for updates. For now, a lot of fans are already hyped up about the next entry in this legendary franchise.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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