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‘Monster Hunter Rise’ gets new trailer at TGS 2020


As expected, Monster Hunter Rise made an appearance over at TGS Online 2020. Now, fans got a better look at the anticipated Switch exclusive with a neat new trailer showcasing what’s to come.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise was arguably one of the best games revealed during the previous Nintendo Direct. The game made an appearance at TGS 2020, and fans were there to see the new features. Here’s everything we saw at the new trailer for the game.

A mix of both worlds

Based on the trailer, the game will feature elements from Monster Hunter World as well as the original Monster Hunter games. It seems like Capcom has finally perfected the formula for making the perfect entry in the series.

In terms of combat, movement feels just as fluid as they were in Monster Hunter World. Combos move more smoothly, and monsters have better physics as well. Despite the fluid combat system, the game looks and feels more like the classic Monster Hunter game.

As for exploration, the game features elements from Monster Hunter World and the 3DS exclusive, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The maps are interconnected, and no loading screens are needed in between. At the same time, the added verticality and climbing mechanics make the game feel much like the 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter.

Story elements

Monster Hunter Rise will have a deeper story as well. Story elements were first introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but Monster Hunter World expanded on it. Players should expect to see Monster Hunter World levels of storytelling in the upcoming game.

We’ve yet to know what the story will be about. However, it seems like it will be centered on the appearance of the game’s flagship monster, the Magmanalo.


The Palamute and the Palico joining players on hunts are going to be customizable as well. Aside from their prints and overall appearance, the companions can also equip new weapons and gear. This isn’t a new feature as previous Monster Hunters already allow for the customization of the companions.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26, 2021, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be the next major mainline entry in the Monster Hunter series. After skipping out on the Switch, the series is finally making back into a new Nintendo console. Fans are excited for its return to form the series, and they’re hoping to see more details soon.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube

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